So, you want to know about me, do you?

Coincidentally, I just happened to put information about myself here for that exact reason.

Lucky you.

So, let’s start with the typical information, shall we?

Name: Nesceda (Nesy, Nes, Nescafé, whatever suits)

Age: 18

Current study: Arts at Monash, major in theatre and minor in performance

Future study: Studying the meaning of ‘covfefe’

Performing Arts involvement: Alrighty here we go; Children of the Black Skirt, Medea, Waiting For Godot, The Pajama Game, The Boy From Oz, The Late Night Late Show: Live!, Taming of the Shrew. Also part of the MTC Ambassador Program in 2015 and various performing arts festivals/performances at secondary school. Danced for a while too, but now it’s just daggy dad dancing. Also with the Australian Girls Choir for nine years. I’m not gonna go back to my child modelling days when I was five.

Likes: Theatre, music, film, comedy, snacks

Dislikes: Not having something to keep me busy, queues, people who say ‘youse’

I guess the main reason why I’m making this is to share some insight into my ever-buzzing brain, while maybe sharing some thoughts on what I think about productions, as well as general articles and whatever I feel like, basically.

Feel free to shoot me a message if you would like me to see or do anything in particular!!

– Nesceda