So, I started a thingy.

Hello, I guess, to whomever decided to read this post.

My name is Nesceda, and I have officially started a thingy.

Yay me. 

This thingy will include lots of things. These things I don’t quite know just yet – however, I guess that’s the point of having a blog, right? I get to post whatever I want (given that it fits the guidelines of whatever theme I’m going for here).

I’m thinking that my super thought out thingy will be relating to something I like a lot – THEATRE. Woohoo!!

I might give my hand at some theatre criticism, just post general rants, or make some sort of attempt at writing articles and other theatre related things.

Of course, if there’s anything you think I should write, see, do, explore, drop me a line!

I’ll probably write more about myself as a person on the About page.

Anyway – welcome to my thingy. I hope you enjoy your stay.

– Nesceda


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